First Legal Forum 2023 in Warsaw, Poland

Call applications for the First Legal Forum 2023 in Warsaw, Poland.

The following issues are planned to be discussed during the Forum:

  • How to effectively cooperate with businesses from the EU, countries of Eastern Partnership, Asia and the Caucasus within the current political and economic reality?
  • What are the global implications of imposing sanctions on Russia and Belarus on the international market?
  • How to compensate for business losses caused by Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine at the expense of abroad assets owned by Russia that are seized and confiscated?
  • How to prosecute war criminals under the new international law?
  • How to find new partners and suppliers?
  • What should new mechanisms of legal regulation be introduced in the current economic crisis?
  • What changes await the legal market?
  • What new challenges will law firm partners face in managing the legal business and human capital?

Who will participate?

The Forum will bring together partners from the largest law firms in Europe, Asia and the Caucasus, recognized lawyers working in the international market, heads of domestic legal departments, business development experts, PR and legal marketing specialists, and specialists in the area of finance and ratings.

What is the purpose?

Our event is designed to help restore business relations in new and difficult geopolitical and economic conditions.

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